AirVisual – Crowdsourced Air Quality Community

Air Visual homepage screenshot (13 February 2016)

Air Visual homepage screenshot (13 February 2016)

AirVisual calls itself “the crowdsourced air quality community”. They have developed a home air quality monitor (measuring indoor and outdoor air quality) that’s currently on the crowdsourced funding platform Indigogo (AirVisual Node).

According to AirVisual’s website,

“The AirVisual community believes that education and awareness are the seeds of change. In order to realise a future liberated from air pollution concerns, a global understanding of the problem must be cultivated.

Our online community seeks to grow awareness worldwide by providing community members no-nonsense information and access to historical, real-time and forecast air quality data.

By equipping users with these tools, we believe we can change the world. The key is in cultivating a passionate community that fosters mutual collaboration. When we work together to create novel research, advice, opinions, and share monitoring data – we can begin to make a global impact.”

Andy Nash

February 13, 2016


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