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BreezoMeter provides hyper-local air quality information in real time.

BreezoMeter combines publicly available air quality data and weather data with algorithms they have developed to provide hyper-local (i.e., type in an address) air quality information in real time. The app also makes recommendations for whether it’s a good idea to go for a run, or take your kids for a walk. As Ben Schiller writes in FastCo,

BreezoMeter differs from some other approaches we’ve written about, including Elm and citizen science projects like Air Quality Egg, Smart Citizen, and AirBeam. They all look to distribute cheap sensors to cover areas not covered by official equipment. BreezoMeter relies on “sophisticated algorithms” to predict how pollution will disperse over a given area.

The company is also seeking to work with developers to provide services like walkscore to help rate areas in terms of air quality.

More: Breezometer Will Tell You The Air Quality On Your Street Before You Leave The House (By Ben Schiller in FastCo.Exist – February 4, 2015).

More about crowdsourced air quality data including Air Quality Egg and Smart Citizen from

Andy Nash

March 6, 2015


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