Citizen Sense Project

Screenshot Air Quality Egg website.

Air Quality Egg is a crowdsourced air quality monitoring sensor and platform.

Citizen Sense is an European Research Council project investigating the relationship between technologies and practices of environmental sensing and citizen engagement. The project runs from 2013 – 2017 and is being led by Dr Jennifer Gabrys. According to the project’s home page:

Practices of monitoring and sensing environments have migrated to a number of everyday participatory applications, where users of smart phones and networked devices are able to engage with similar modes of environmental observation and data collection. Such “citizen sensing” projects intend to democratize the collection and use of environmental sensor data in order to facilitate expanded citizen engagement in environmental issues. But how effective are these practices of citizen sensing in not just providing “crowd-sourced” data sets, but also in giving rise to new modes of environmental awareness and practice?

The research is looking at three main types of sensor projects:

  • using sensors to map and track flora and fauna (Wild Sensing)
  • using sensors to monitor environmental quality (Pollution Sensing), and,
  • using sensors in smart city projects (Urban Sensing).

Several of the projects use and evaluate sensors I describe on the GCS page Sensor Data Crowdsourcing. The project looks fascinating and is well worth watching!


Andy Nash

March 13, 2015


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