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Screenshot of Civic Exchange website - Dec 2015.

the Civic Exchange network allows cities to find and share technology to deliver better public services.

From: “Data Driven Cities“, by Sally Kneeshaw in URBACT News: 22 January 2015:

Nesta in the UK, in collaboration with Code for Europe partners, hosts the Civic Exchange network allowing cities to find and share technology in order to deliver better public services. The showcase starts from the fact that cities across Europe share similar problems, from over-stretched transport systems through to low citizen engagement. Many are looking at digital technology to help find ways to solve these issues. The civic technology tools and apps on display can be shared and used by others, and provide inspiration and proof of concept. All of the technologies have a civic focus, are aimed at improving the lives of citizens, are relatively mature, are used in at least one location and show evidence of how useful and effective they are.

This looks like a great source of information and ideas!

Andy Nash

December 27, 2014


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