Crowdsourced Air Quality Data in China

Laser Egg screenshot from Origins website.

Laser Egg screenshot from Origins website.

Crowdsourced air quality data is making news in China. According to Bloomberg News, “Besides facing hefty fines, criminal punishments and the possibility of closing, the worst emitters in China risk additional public anger as new smartphone applications and lower-cost monitoring devices widen access to data on pollution sources.” Read the story: China’s Biggest Polluters Face Wrath of Data-Wielding Citizens (December 14, 2015).

The monitoring device described in the article is the Laser Egg developed by a company called Origins.

More about the Laser Egg air quality monitoring device in this article from thebijinger: Eggstraordinary: Beijing Startup Origins Offers a Palm-Sized Solution to Affordable Air Quality Monitoring.

Andy Nash

December 29, 2015


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