Grr-Grr-Bike – Our new bike game!


Illustration from Grr-Grr-Bike mobile phone game

Grr-Grr-Bike is a mobile phone game designed to engage and educate people about urban cycling.

Grr-Grr-Bike! is a fun way to learn about urban bike riding and support better biking in your community.

Grr-Grr-Bike is a smartphone game where you guide a bike rider through the city, avoiding on-coming vehicles, car doors and other obstacles. You need to stop at red lights and for pedestrians crossing the street. You’re also being chased by a dog – that’s where the name comes from! The goal is to get as far along the street and pick-up as many coins as possible. See Grr-Grr-Bike on YouTube!

When you finish, Grr-Grr-Bike’s results screen includes a link taking you to a page with information from your local bike group on local events, activities, projects that need support and information on getting involved.

The goal is to broaden political support for bike projects and programs by exposing smartphone game players to local bike advocacy groups. Since many smartphone game players are young this would be a great opportunity for local advocacy groups to increase their membership and energy.

We’ve finished the prototype game. Now we’re improving its usability and educational value, and building the link to local bike advocacy groups. You can download the prototype for Android at: We’re seeking funds to finish the game and place it on the Android and iOS application stores. Please contact me with comments, questions or for more information.

Please vote for Grr-Grr-Bike game on the Velo City 2013 Cycling Visionary Awards!

It’s quite easy to vote and your vote will help us publicize the project.


Andy Nash

March 20, 2013


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