Hello Lamp Post – Playable City

Screenshot of Hello Lamp Post website (2014).

Instructions for playing Hello Lamp Post (2014).

Our “Smart City” focus is on people and participation (see my presentation “People make cities smart”) and we’ll be using this website to showcase interesting ideas and projects focused on people.

The “Hello Lamp Post” project is a great example of a wonderful way to engage people and increase their awareness of city systems. But, more importantly, it’s fun and giving people fun ways to interact with their city is fundamental to helping increase their, is “love” the right word?, for their city. I guess I mean that something that makes you care about a place and spurs you into doing things that help make the place better.


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The video above describes the Hello Lamp Post project and here’s a link to Tom Armitage’s post Some of These Things are Not Like the Others where he describes the project in more detail.  O’Reilly Radar (thanks!) describes the post: “writeup on sensor-rich interactive cityscapes designed for residents to thrive rather than for merchants to transact. Lovely.” … and they are right. It’s an extremely thoughtful post that should be required reading for people thinking about the future of cities.

Andy Nash

December 6, 2014


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