mySociety 2014 Transport Projects

Screenshot of Mapumental homepage from MySociety.

Screenshot of Mapumental homepage from MySociety.

The UK’s mySociety does great work on helping residents understand urban data and help contribute to making cities better. They identified these three transport-related projects from 2014 among their 12 most exciting projects in 2014:

  • Extending the Mapumental API to produce data output suitable for GIS (geographical information systems) to help the Welsh Government map and analyse public services in Wales. Mapumental enables users to create customised travel time maps, for example for public transport accessibility.
  • Launched Collideoscope, an application based on mySociety’s groundbreaking application FixMyStreet, to help generate data on bicycling accidents and near misses. More about the mySociety blog about Collideoscope.
  •  Continued growth of the FixMyStreet application by adding the Warwickshire, East Sussex, Hart & Harrogate to the list of councils using FixMyStreet as their main street fault reporting platform.

Great work by an excellent organization!

Andy Nash

January 18, 2015


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