PICNIC 2012 GreenCityStreets.com presentation

Screen shot from GreenCityStreets Busmeister public transport operations game.

Educational games like my BusMeister project can help improve the quality of crowdsourced ideas.

I’m  making a presentation on the GreenCityStreets.com application at the PICNIC 2012 festival in Amsterdam during a session called “Reinventing Citizenship”. The session is on Tuesday September 18 and here’s the description:

A discussion on how the use of ICT allows different kinds of participation and collaboration between cities and citizens, effectively reinventing new forms of citizenship.

While many cities struggle with the constraints of the economic crisis and the raising demands for better city services, others take full advantage of the opportunities that ICT provides in terms collecting ideas, providing advanced services through apps. More and more cities put emphasis on Open Data to spur innovation and embrace self-organizing communities that bind ideas with implementation and (crowd)funding. Great example is the Change By Us platform in New York.

This workshop aims at providing a light on this new universe with the best experiences from the US and Europe and opening the discussion on the road ahead for cities of the future in terms of governance. Speakers on stage with great talent for entrepreneurship and belief in digital revolution in governance.

Andy Nash

September 12, 2012


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