Project Sidewalk – Crowdsourced Mapping


Screenshot of Project Sidewalk website (2016).

Screenshot of Project Sidewalk website (2016).

Project Sidewalk is designed and operated by the Makeabilty Lab at the University of Maryland. The project’s interactive tool allows you to rate the accessibility of sidewalks in the Washington DC area based on Google Streetview photos. According to the website “You virtually walk through city streets and mark accessibility attributes such as missing curb ramps, blocked or overly narrow sidewalks, and broken pavement. Your data will be used to create new types of map-based accessibility tools, such as AccessScore, an interactive map of a city’s accessibility, and RouteAssist, personalized routing algorithms based on a user’s reported mobility level.” The labels given by users are also being train machine learning algorithms to automatically find future accessibility problems.

Read more: Missing sidewalks? There’s an app for that, by Canaan Merchant, Greater Greater Washington, September 22, 2016.

Andy Nash

October 1, 2016


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