Using BusMeister Game in the Classroom

Illustration of settings panel of BusMeister public transport game

The Using BusMeister in the Classroom Guide includes annotated screenshots providing directions on playing the game to learn about public transport.

I’ve been working on developing a guidebook for teachers on how to use the GreenCityStreets BusMeister game in the classroom. The illustration above shows how I have been annotating some of the screenshots to explain what’s going on in the game.

The project’s been lots of fun because I needed to play the game again and then write about what each of the levels means … with a focus on how what happens in the game reflects “real life” public transport operations. I was even able to better my score.

I’ll post a link when the teacher guide is finished, in the meantime I would be interested in comments from readers on specific things I should include in the guide.

After playing again, I am even more convinced that the game is really good and can help people learn about public transport. The problem is that it’s a little hard to get started playing the game, the user interface is not so good and it takes time to understand all the functions. I completed an intermediate evaluation of the whole project as part of a paper submission to the US Transportation Research Board 2012 Annual Meeting, you can view the draft paper here: – An internet application for increasing public involvement in public transportation.

We are working on making some small improvements to the game and making the GreenCityStreets website more complete. Hope to have the relaunch next week.

Andy Nash

August 20, 2011


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