Cafe Sperl Vienna - 09

I know it’s in all the tourist books, but still … we had guests visiting over the weekend and wanted to show them a real Vienna coffee house. Homemade cakes. Good solid food. Plenty of newspapers. Music on Sunday afternoons. And, now, no smoking!

I took the advice of a recent Independent Column (Graham Greene’s Vienna) – thanks Gavin Plumley – and had my first Fiaker (coffee with schnaps). Even though we had just had a huge brunch we “forced” our friends to have cake (chocolate truffle cake and topfen torte) while we enjoyed our coffee.

Cafe Sperl Vienna - 04

As the top photo shows … the coffee is comes fast-often more quickly than that horrible self-service system used in places like Starbucks. I am pretty sure our 7 different kinds of coffee, each with its own water and balancing spoon, arrived within three minutes of ordering … I have stood around longer for a short latte.

Come visit Vienna while places like Sperl still exist! It’s even better in the summer when you can sit outside on the large shaded square in front.

For more about Vienna and especially coffee in Vienna check out Merisi’s Vienna For Beginners … a truly beautiful blog.