Civic Technology 2019 Reading

Civic Technology 2019 Reading

Three interesting articles about Crowdsourcing that appeared in late 2019:

My publications about using crowdsourcing in transport are available on my website

Bus Meister Game – Thanks for the Feedback!

London Buses - 2
Double Decker Bus in London: from my flickr photos of London.

Thanks to everyone for providing feedback on the Bus Meister game via e-mail, comments and at the TRB meeting!

One funny question was, “Why are the buses traveling on the left (curb) lane?”

The answer is that we wanted the buses to travel left to right and also wanted to show the buildings in the background … so the buses need to travel “British style”. Maybe we should make them double decker?

Our next steps are to revise the factors to make the game work better (i.e. show the benefits of PT priority more clearly), then we will make Bus Meister a real game with levels (top level is “Bus Meister” of course!). When we launch this version of the game it will be on facebook and have a more interactive website so that players can use social networking to get involved in improving public transport in their own communities. … Lots to do, but quite exciting.

Bus Meister game:

Bus Meister Public Transport Priority Best Practices wiki:

Please keep those comments coming!

Bus Meister Game (beta) – Now online!

BusMeister game screenshot.

BusMeister game screenshot.

I have just finished the beta version of a game designed to help citizens understand public transport priority. The game is linked to a wiki that provides detailed information about measures to improve public transport. Once we are happy with the game we will place it on Facebook and add social networking features so that players can discuss how to improve public transport in their own community.

I am looking for people to try out the game and wiki and to give me comments (also join the wiki as contributors!). The game is available now at:

The wiki is available at:

Instructions for Playing BusMeister are available on

Right now the game works, but we need to refine the values used to run the simulation and calculate the happiness and cost values. We will adjust these in the coming weeks and also add levels (so players advance to more difficult challenges) and other standard game features. We also will add more information to the pages. But, for now, the game works and we would love your feedback.

Finally, I hope to extend the approach to other modes of transport (biking, walking, street design) in the future.

Thanks for your help,

Bus Meister: Public Transport Priority Best Practices wiki

Improve Public Transport wiki screenshot.

Improve Public Transport wiki screenshot.

I have started developing the Public Transport Priority Best Practices wiki as part of my Bus Meister project. The wiki is being developed on wikispaces and here’s a link to the page that describes how the Bus Meister game will calculate how long it takes passengers to board a public transport vehicle, and therefore how long the vehicle will need to stop at a station.

The page has links to the other pages too. Since it’s a wiki please feel free to edit it … it’s quite easy really, but I may need to invite you, so just let me know if you want to help!

Bus Meister and BRT

Bus Meister will help citizens lobby city hall (this is Vienna) in support of public transport priority (from my flickr photos).

I just returned from a meeting in Udine (Italy) where I spoke about my Bus Meister idea of creating an integrated suite of web applications (game, social network and wiki best practices library) to help educate citizens on how to improve public transport operations (by introducing public transport priority measures) and to empower them to help actually implement these ideas. It’s a general approach that I think could be used to solve many urban problems.

Going through my e-mail I was glad to read about Barcelona’s new BRT lines which one of my UC Berkeley professors, Carlos Daganzo, is helping plan. The article in the ITS Berkeley News is a very good summary of for the importance of public transport priority and BRT. Daganzo is a brilliant scientist, it’s great to see him working on improving public transport!

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