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Places I’ve Lived

Fairly detailed sets of pages on topics ranging from transport planning to walking tours and day trips:

Vienna: Austria – my current home, frequently voted “world’s most liveable city” … for good reason! Recommendations and more.

ZurichSwitzerland – also frequently voted “worlds most liveable city” … and also for good reason.

San FranciscoLived in this liveable and beautiful city  during the 80s and 90s … notice a pattern developing?

Some of the specific recommendations for Zurich and San Francisco are slightly out of date, but there is lots of information and things like walking tours that don’t change much. I do update the pages to keep links current and add new information.

Places I’ve Visited

Travel writing and recommendations for places other than Vienna, Zurich and San Francisco. I travel a lot and like to take photos and write down my impressions. I hope you enjoy them.

Belgium – I visit Belgium often and try to see more than Brussels. What I’ve found are lots of really nice places.

Morocco – We visited Morocco in September 2014. It was fascinating. Here are my impressions and recommendations.

Blog Posts

And, here are my latest blog posts with travel impressions and recommendations, click on this link to see all my blog posts with travel recommendations.

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