Vienna is continually rated as one of the most livable cities. I’ve lived in several other highly rated cities (Zurich and San Francisco), and I can only agree. Vienna is a great place to live and visit.  Here are my biased recommendations:

  • Transport – Vienna’s public transport system is great, it’s a wonderful city to explore by foot and the bike network is getting better every day.
  • Top 10 Recommendations – my recommendations for visitors.
  • Music – Vienna is justly famous for its classical music (Mozart, Beethoven  Mahler, Schoenberg, Strauss … the list seems endless), go to a classical concert when you visit — but also check out the traditional Wiener Lieder, music meant to be enjoyed in cafes and bars.
  • Cafes – speaking of cafes, Vienna’s look classic, but are full of life. Look carefully and you’ll find historic cafes all over the city.
  • Restaurants – Maybe one reason Vienna is so livable is that people here love to eat and drink. The restaurants and cafes are generally excellent and often inexpensive.
  • Wine – No city in the world makes as much wine as Vienna. Visit the vineyards for a breath-taking view over the city and then enjoy a nice glass of wine or make an evening of it in the unique Viennese institution a Heurigen (and if you’re lucky maybe they will even have live Wiener Lieder!).

I’ll be adding to these pages over time, feel free to add comments below.

Good References

  • Vienna Review – An English language newspaper presenting information and recommendations for Vienna. It’s geared towards ex-pats, but good for visitors too. You can also find hard copies in selected locations. Unfortunately they stopped publication in January 2014. The weekly Falter is a great source of information and news (in German).
  • Merisi’s Vienna for Beginners – if Merisi’s enchanting photos and writing don’t make you want to visit Vienna, nothing will.


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