Eating in Vienna

Vienna is full of restaurants and most of them are good. Here are some tips and recommendations, first the tips:

  • Smoking – Unfortunately Austria hasn’t passed a comprehensive non smoking law for restaurants and bars similar to most other European countries. This means that you should always ask for a non-smoking table when you make a reservation! Also, sometimes the separation between smoking and non-smoking sections of restaurants is not very good, my recommendations below are either non-smoking restaurants or with good separation so you won’t be bothered by the smoke.
  • Beer RuleAndy’s Beer Rule for restaurants in Vienna is: if the restaurant serves good beer the food will be good. Some beers to look for are: Trumer Pils, Zwettler, Schremser (small privately owned Austrian breweries) and Budweiser (Czech version!). Almost all beer in Austria is good, but these are excellent.
  • Tipping – Many people leave between 5-10% as a tip although you don’t have to leave anything. It’s generally done by rounding up the amount of the bill, so when given a bill of 47 euros, you would say 50 euros to give a 3 euro tip.

Vienna Heuriger Sign
Vienna Heuriger Sign

Now some recommended restaurants … more as I have time to add them …

  • Glacis Beisl – very good Vienna style food, wine and beer in the MuseumsQuartier, non-smoking, great outdoor garden in the summer, you can choose to have linen tablecloth-bread (cover) or not (this is a very nice feature of the restaurant), people are friendly and they have a well translated English menu (which I found out after translating the menu for a guest! Budweiser and Eggenberg beer.
  • Magizin 3 Hacken – very good Vienna style food. Restaurant is in the wine storage/sales area for the Gasthaus zu den 3 Hacken (which is a very good traditional Vienna restaurant with very historic rooms, located nearby). Naturally they have a huge selection of wine (probably several hundred different wines from Austria), very pleasant room and service. Non smoking restaurant. You can also buy wine by the bottle to take with you. Located in the First District. Budweiser and Zwettler beer!
  • Die BurgerMacher – The best burgers in Vienna, maybe Europe. Restaurant run by Slow Food Academy graduates Babsi and Jan, they make everything even the fantastic ketchup and have written their own burger cookbook. Follows Andy’s Beer Rule: in fact they have a rotating selection of 20+ different excellent beers. Check Die BurgerMacher website for opening hours since they are real people and take well-deserved vacations sometimes.
  • Cafe Florianihof – Excellent restaurant in Josefstadt district of Vienna (8th District). This is what a cafe would look like if it were invented today. Busy brunch spot on weekends. Excellent coffee. Trumer Pils beer.

More to come …

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