Gov Camp Vienna 2012

Photo of schedule for Gov 2.0 Camp Vienna - 2012

Schedule for Gov 2.0 Camp Vienna – 2012

Yesterday I made my first full presentation in German! After about 10 years in the German speaking world I finally took the leap (of course I’ve made short presentations and informal speeches, but never a full presentation before – perhaps an indication of how well the Swiss, Austrians and Germans speak English).

I gave the same presentation on social networking and transport I made at SPUR in San Francisco last week, but this time in German. I presented at the Gov 2.0 camp Vienna 2012 a bar camp conference (where the attendees set the agenda at the start of the day and everyone is encouraged to speak/present). The photo above shows the conference schedule. My presentation is in the bottom row, second from the left.

It was fun for me to give the presentation and my audience was very understanding, even helping me with the words I was unsure of. Perhaps it helped that the organizers broke out the beer and wine just before the last session to help us all get through. The conference itself was really great, lots of positive energy and good connections. Many attendees were from the city of Vienna administration. They were encouraging and shared lots of good ideas for improving Vienna’s already high quality of life. I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference.

Andy Nash

November 24, 2012


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