International Teigwaren Tag at Drahtwarenhandlung

Photo of people sitting on tables at Drahtwarenhandlung restaurant in Vienna

Vienna’s Drahtwarenhandlung (a restaurant open occasionally, their day job is simulation modeling) celebrated “Tag der internationalen, gefüllten (Teig-) Tascherl” which I loosely translate as International day of dumplings. Dumplings are one of my favourite foods, so when I heard about it I reserved a place immediately. One of the reasons I love dumplings (Teigtaschen in German, “Tascherl” in Austrian dialect) is that everyplace seems to have their own version. Pot stickers from China, ravioli from Italy, Kärntner noodles from Southern Austria, Maultaschen in Baden-Wurtemberg, pirogi in Poland … you get the idea.

Their dinner gave me the idea of dumplings-in-dumplings and I spent some fun hours working with Citrus Restaurant on our Ravioli-Doppio project. Chef Niki from Drahtwarenhandlung thought it was a fun ideas and included the Ravioli-Doppio in the 9 course International Teigtaschen Tag menu on 23 February 2023. The evening was a wonderful success great food and lots of fun.

As you can see from the menu and photos above, Chef Niki put on a tour-de-force blending local Vienna specialties with various sorts of international dumpling styles into a highly creative romp through the world of Teigtaschen. And here are photos of the Ravioli-Doppio served near the end of our delicious dinner …

When I first read about the “Tag der internationalen gefüllten Teigtascherl” in the Drahtenwarenhandlung newsletter I had the suspicion that they had made the whole thing up … it’s the kind of humour they enjoy. But a quick search showed that there actually is an International Dumpling Day only it’s on 26 September! I confronted Chef Niki about this and he was surprised to know the day really existed … so my initial suspicions were correct. But that didn’t distract at all from the wonderful evening, and, of course, gives us the opportunity to celebrate again this fall.

Andy Nash

February 24, 2023


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