New Project: Ringstrasse 150

Photo of Vienna Ringstrasse pedestrian path in October 2008.

Vienna’s Ringstrasse is a wonderful urban boulevard.

Ringstrasse 150 is a project to crowdsource ideas for making Vienna’s Ringstrasse the world’s most liveable street. We’re looking for ideas to make it safe and attractive for pedestrians and bicyclists – helping encourage more people to walk, bike and promenade along this historic boulevard.

The project will include a detailed map for crowdsourcing ideas, educational resources illustrating best practices from throughout the world, and information about the project. More information about the Ringstrasse 150 Project.

Project Status

Step 1: Recruit lead users to help refine concept and form initial community.

Step 2: Develop website (in German and English) with interactive map, educational resources, event listings and contact information.

Step 3: Identify funding opportunities.

Contact us if you want to help!

Andy Nash

December 18, 2014


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