Photo of a group walking in Vienna's Stephansplatz.

Vienna Walking Tours

One of my passions is walking around cities looking at history, planning and transport. I’ve created and led several tours of Vienna as part of the Jane’s Walk weekend. Jane’s Walk honours Jane Jacobs the pioneering urban planning critic who wrote The Death and Life of Great American Cities – a book that changed the way we think about cities and spatial planning.

This page provides links to my walking tour texts with photos and reference links (click the titles!). You can make all the tours on your own: the places mentioned and the walking route between them are pretty easy to find on any map or mapping app (hopefully I’ll add a map feature in the future!).

Please send me comments, additions and corrections – I appreciate your help.

Photo of a group of people walking on Vienna's Ringstrasse in springtime.
Photo of traffic congestion on Ringstrasse in front of Staatsoper, Vienna.

Traffic, Too Much

Jane’s Walk 2023

Map of Klimaweg Wien West

Klimaweg Wien West

Jane’s Walk 2022

Map showing four tours of Otto Wagner's Vienna Stadtbahn architecture.

Otto Wagner Transport

For a fellow transport geek, 2022

Photo of tour group in front of Postsparkasse Vienna