Photo of RhB train arrivingin Poschiavo station.

Railway Planning & Research

1984 – Present

Photo of people on a walking tour in Vienna.

Vienna Walking Tours

2014 +

City Tourism post Covid-19


Image of home page for crowdsourced-transport website 2018.

2013 – 2020

Photo of Marschplatz in Vienna.

Klimaweg Wien West


Photo of Copenhagen central railway station at dusk looking over platforms.

Banedanmark TMS


Photo of Zurich VBZ tram 15 on tracks with grass at Bucheggplatz turnaround.

Zurich Public Transport Priority


Re-imagining Brooklyn Bridge

Bridge X Project – 2020

aerial photo of Buffalo NY harbour

Buffalo Skyway Replacement


screenshot of my U-6 app proposal

My U-6 app


Screen shot from GreenCityStreets Busmeister public transport operations game.

BusMeister Project


Photo of hand holding mobile phone with Ringstrasse 150 Ring Ride game.

Ringstrasse 150

2015 – 2017

Grr-Grr-Bike Game


Screen shot from GreenCityStreets Busmeister public transport operations game.
Photo of facade of Linke Wienzeile 40 Vienna

Majolikahaus designed by Otto Wagner

Photo by Andrew Nash

Photo of San Francisco cable car

San Francisco Planning

1984 – 2001

Ferry Building San Francisco

Photo by Andrew Nash

Illustration of imagined new San Francisco Transbay Terminal - 1995.

Caltrain Downtown San Francisco Extension

1995 – 1997

Campaign poster Andy Nash for BART from 1992 campaign in San Francisco

Nash for BART


Photo of a historic tram in Lisbon.

Historic Lisbon tram (2021).

Photo by Andrew Nash