Ravioli Doppio from Citrus

Ravioli-doppio Development Project

After reading about the “Tag der internationalen, gefüllten (Teig-) Tascherl” which I loosely translate as International Dumpling Day in the newsletter from Vienna’s Drahtwarenhandlung (a restaurant open occasionally, their day job is simulation modeling) I began thinking why not make dumplings stuffed with dumplings?

Walking down the street one day I thought, hey, maybe my friends at Citrus Restaurant could make something like this, after all, their house-made ravioli are fantastic. So I stopped by their restaurant-shop on Lindengasse 53 in Vienna’s Neubau district. I described the idea to Silvano who passed it along to Olga and Katerina – Citrus’ pasta chefs. After a little discussion (three or four languages were involved) they agreed to try making them and I said I’d return to pick them up several hours later.

The first prototype tasted great, but it didn’t look like ravioli-inside-ravioli, which sort of defeats the purpose (see photo). As it turns out Olga and Katerina made something that was totally logical to them: a single filling inside a two-layer pasta pouch. So I decided to draw my idea. I thought of two variations: several very small tortellini inside a larger ravioli or a small ravioli inside a larger ravioli (see illustration).

I brought the drawing to Citrus and we talked about it again. We decided on variant 2. They wanted to make it with me watching – to be sure they understood what I was looking for – so I returned on Saturday at 11 am. Here are some photos of Olga and Katerina making the ravioli-doppio. As long as I was there and it was lunchtime, I asked if they would cook them for me to test in the restaurant.

As long as I was there and it was lunchtime, I asked if they would cook them for me to test in the restaurant. So, about 5-minutes later I sat down to a wonderful plate of ravioli-doppio served with stracciatella, rocket, and fine olive oil (photo). What was very cool was that Olga had decided to make both orange ravioli inside yellow ravioli and yellow ravioli inside orange ravioli … genius! They looked great together.

I tried to share them with Olga and Katerina – who were very curious about how they would taste – but they insisted I finish them. I happily reported that they were fantastic! So I ordered 50 of each for the Drahtwarenhandlung dinner on Thursday.


Andy Nash

February 23, 2023


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