Martin Wolf: East and West Converge on a Problem

Today’s column by Martin Wolf (East and West Converge on a Problem) in the Financial Times discusses a recent book by Ian Morris (Why the West Rules – For Now, Profile Books, 2010). As always Wolf’s analysis is very interesting, for example:

For Prof Morris, “social development” is an amalgam of four factors: energy use; urbanisation; military capacity; and information technology.

Wolf’s column focuses on the energy side, but all four factors are fascinating. Morris’ book is on my to read list!

Why Dilbert is Doomed

Why Dilbert is Doomed

Zurich’s Ingenieure Tram – encourages people to study engineering!

Here’s an very interesting article from Salon by Michael Lind about jobs in the future called: Why Dilbert is Doomed. Health and education will be most in demand, and of course science/engineering will still be important.

Health Benefits of Congestion Pricing

Health Benefits of Congestion Pricing

Nice article in the SF Streetsblog (Congestion Pricing: Still Good For Basically Everyone
by Ryan Avent

Especially interesting is information from Traffic Congestion and Infant Health: Evidence from E-ZPass, a paper by Janet Currie and Reed Walker showing impact of EZpass on reducing health problems near a toll plaza.

Photo above is Stockholm, one of the few cities with decision-makers brave enough to try a congestion pricing program – and you know what? The citizens voted to keep it!

7 Freeways to Demolish – The Infrastructuralist

7 Freeways to Demolish – The Infrastructuralist

The Infrastructurist just published a column on seven freeways to demolish. One of the freeways is Buffalo’s Skyway. As a native of Buffalo I agree with Michael, who commented on the great views from the Skyway.

But … why stop at tearing down the Skyway in Buffalo? Interstate 190 goes north from the Skyway cutting the city off from LaSalle Park and continues along the banks of the Niagara River … what could be a magnificent riverfront. The lighthouse above is on the shore of Lake Erie at the Coast Guard station.

Next up, Buffalo’s Inner Beltway. Let’s start with the Scajaquada Expressway (NY 198), running along Scajaquada Creek through the Fredrick Law Olmsted Delaware Park (!!!). Then the depressed freeway in the Olmsted-designed Humboldt Parkway (I guess it was OK to put a freeway through the parkway in the African American neighborhood but not the one in the mansion district: Chapin Parkway).

Yeah, yeah, “What will happen to the traffic?” “Buffalo needs the freeways for economic development.”

Figuring out how to deal with the traffic would take some creative transportation planning, but maybe what Buffalo really needs is some bold thinking for the future.

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