Transit App adds Real Time Information

Screenshot Transit App illustration on Medium 2017.

Transit App uses crowdsourced information to make real-time information available for NY Subway (2017).

The Transit App can now collect tracking data from users to help them predict real time arrival information. This is an excellent tool especially in cities where there is no current real time data available. It’s also quite helpful because it can be more accurate than vehicle GPS signals since these signals may only be sent every several minutes or so.

The crowdsourced data is being rolled out slowly. It started in Montreal (which had no real time data) and has now been extended to New York.

The Transit App continues to develop neat features and is quickly becoming a favorite in cities where it it is deployed. Some references from their blog:

  • Real-time data is now available for ALL New York City subways — thanks to crowdsourcing – 19 January 2017
  • Better real-time transit data is coming to your city (finally) – 20 December 2016 – How real time transit arrivals works with GPS based systems and crowdsourced systems.
  • How Boston’s Changing the Way People Experience Transit – 6 September 2016 – The MBTA in Boston held an app contest and Transit was the winner. It’s now the MBTA’s “Recommended” App.

Also check out the Transit Wire’s articles on the MBTA app contest, and selection of Transit App, they are excellent resources for anyone thinking about public transport apps.

Andy Nash

February 7, 2017


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