Placing tram track in the street is a key part of the tram track rehabilitation project. The track must be placed at the right elevation and then the track support structure and street are built around it. The track needs to be level and the joints need to be welded to provide a comfortable ride. If the track is not exactly right it will cause maintenance problems for the tram wheels and the rails for the next 25-years! Here are photos of the track placement process.

All photos are available on my flickr set Westbahnstr Tram Track Renewal

Placing the Track

Here the construction crew is ready to start placing the track. On this section they placed pre-fabricated sections of track. You can see one of the pre-fabricated sections in the background by the crane.


Checking Track Elevation

Making sure that the track is at the right elevation. A variety of jacking devices and measurement tools are used in the process of setting the tracks.


Bolting Tracks Together

When tracks are at the right elevation, the workers bolt the track to the adjoining section. This photo shows the workers bolting one of the steel bars that keeps the two tracks the correct distance apart to the track, but the same tools are used to bolt one section of track to the next.


Adjusting the Track

The process of placing the track, making sure it is in exactly the right position, supporting the track and welding the rail is very involved. Here’s an overview photo, several smaller ones below. They keep checking elevation and placement all through the construction process. I guess they succeeded between the 2nd and 3rd photos below right.





Welding the Track

More photos of the track welding process are on the post Vienna Tram 49 Rehabilitation 2009 – Track Welding


Building Track Support

Here’s a video showing how the workers built the permanent track support structure.

Here’s my post with all five Vienna Tram 49 Rehabilitation 2009 – Construction Videos.

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