In addition to taking photos of the construction process, I also made several videos. This page presents the five videos.

Demolishing the Street

The first step in the reconstruction process is to demolish the street and remove the tracks. This video shows some of the street demolition process.

Preparing the New Track

This video shows some of the work done on preparing the track. It includes on joining the rails, grinding the rail joint and welding the rail.

Building Track Support Structure

This video shows how the workers built the support structure for the rails out of concrete.

Building Street Subsurface

After building the concrete supports, the workers removed the wooden supports and built the subsurface under the rails. This was done by section. This video shows the workers pouring concrete to build the substructure.

Building Street Surface

The final step in the process was to rebuild the street surface. This video shows the two methods used to finish the surface: placing prefabricated units and pouring a new surface.

Westbahnstrasse Tram Track Reconstruction 2009

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