Signs are an important part of any construction project. Here are some of the signs used on the Westbahnstrasse tram track reconstruction project.

All photos are available on my flickr set Westbahnstr Tram Track Renewal

Here two signs placed on the street before the construction site. Trams are allowed, but other vehicles are forbidden from going further (although that doesn’t stop some people).


This sign says that all traffic must turn around – including bicyclists. The little yellow triangle with 15 written in it means that trams must go at slow speed.


General Information Signs

Project information signs: on the sidewalk, at the tram stop and at the front door of buildings on Westbahnstrasse.




Warning and Detour Signs

Warning sign, street closed ahead (Neubaugasse/Westbahnstrasse).

Note the detour information for bicyclists too!



Information Signs

This sign says that after 29 July it is not possible to use this driveway. It’s a nice personal touch that it was written by hand on the standard “no entry” sign. It’s signed: “Wr. Linien” for Wiener Linien, the public transport operator.

The sign at the far right (“E”) tells the tram drivers that they can go back to regular speed, it’s the “end” of the construction zone.