The first step in the reconstruction process is to demolish the existing street and remove the tracks. Here are photos of the street demolition process.

All photos are available on my flickr set Westbahnstr Tram Track Renewal

Starting Street Demolition

The street surface before reconstruction. The photos below show how the prefabricated sections of street surface were removed and what was left over. The video embedded at the bottom of this page shows the process of removing a prefabricated section.





Breaking up the Concrete

There were also sections of concrete street surface that needed to be broken-up with a jack hammer, so there was lots of work for man and machine.

In the photo to the right the machine is moving out of the way so that a tram can pass through the site. The tram route was shutdown for 16 days, but continued to run through most of the construction period.





Removing the Track

Once the surface section is gone, the track needed to be removed. Here the machine is loosening the track from the subsurface.


Removing Subsurface Sections

Once the track was gone, the subsurface sections could be removed. The process is shown in the video and in these photos.

First the workers used a concrete saw to cut up sections of the subsurface, next they drilled bolts into the sections, and finally they lifted the sections out of the ground. They are just about to lift the section out in the photo on the right.

You can see the bolts for the other sections on the left side of the photo.

The photo below on the far right shows the sections loaded on a trailer on the way to recycling.





After Removing Street Subsurface

Here’s what the street looks like after they remove the substructure.

The jackhammer machine was used to break-up remaining concete.



Grinding Machine

Next a grinding machine was used to clean up the bottom of the street. The new substructure will be built on top of this foundation.



Repairing the Surface

Once the surface had been ground, minor repairs were made to make sure it could provide a good foundation for construction of the new substructure and tracks.

You can see the fresh concrete on parts of the surface in this photo.


Street Demolition Video

Here’s a video showing some of the street demolition process.

Westbahnstrasse Tram Track Rehabilitation 2009

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